Kat is a natural at what she does! She is somehow able to create a story with her work while capturing people’s true selves. She absolutely brings out the best in people while making it such a fun process.
— Raquel, 2017 Bride
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He, I'm Kat and I really like to take pictures. I'm an analogue film and digital photographer who's love of exploring and the West Coast runs deep in my bones. Seeking out adventure outdoors is an important part of who I am. It is what makes me come alive and frames the scene for the people I am surrounded by, the art that I create, and my day-to-day work. My focus is on capturing that which captivates me through freelance photography and design.

I live in Langley, BC with my husband Adam and our dog Chloe and am currently working on my Masters of Fine Arts at Emily Carr University with a focus on photography.

If you have any questions about my experiences or interest in collaborating, I'd love to hear from you through the comment section on my posts or my contact page! 


P.S. I enjoy filling my journal with candid analogue film images, but I encourage you to check out my Weddings link to see some of my digital work!



My blog was created in 2012 as an avenue for sharing my creative endeavours with the world. As my passion for outdoor pursuits and photography evolved, the blog too has evolved into a visual journal for documenting my adventures and experiences. 

What is the origin of the name Art + The Aerialist? At the time, I was studying studio art in undergrad and was juggling a busy schedule of classes, studio time, socializing, and figure skating. I stumbled across an amazing book about the golden age of the travelling circus which describes the profession of aerialists as the only female-oriented artistic career opportunity at that time which allowed women the freedom to escape their traditional household duties, travel the world, work hard, and be their true selves while maintaining a high level of respectability. This empowering and romantic imagery of females who were able to create lives of artistry and adventure outside the perimeters of social norms struck a chord with me. So I combined this concept with the thing which consumed my own life and identity: art.