When I first bought my DSLR camera, I was super excited about its HD video capabilities. That summer I went on a cultural travel study to London and Paris and took a few clips here and there (mostly in Paris) which I intended to, but never did, make into a movie. Long story short, the trip didn't end well for me. Though I had some wonderful experiences on the trip, I have trouble recalling them. I think that the clips in this film captured some of those forgotten moments.

Yesterday when I came across the Paris clips, I became determined to make them into something. Thus, with homework neglected and nostalgic music on hand, I created my first short film.

Paris, Forever Ago

Staring: Natalie McNeill, Chelsea Davidson, Thomas Nelson, + Andrew Stewart

Music: That Home by The Cinematic Orchestra

Film + Editing: Kat Grabowski, May 2011