We went on a mini road trip to 

Montréal on Saturday and it seemed like the ideal content for another short film. I've got a bit of a theme going here with the city-themed, black and white, sentimental shorts, which is all fine and dandy except that it gets a bit old. So to challenge myself, I decided to add colour! I self-taught myself to edit video within Photoshop so that the clips still had some aspect of unification that black and white had brought to the previous films. I'm really happy with how it worked out and I'm excited to see where this new exploration into colour film will take me.

What do you think? Do the colour filters get the job done?

One Day in Montréal

Staring: The Laurentian Leadership Class of Fall 2012

Music: End by Germany Germany

Filming: Nato Wilson + Kat Grabowski

Editing: Kat Grabowski