My graphic design hero is Bri Emery. I've been following her blog Designlovefest for a few years now. In February 2012 I was over the moon excited for the opportunity to intern for the Seattle instalment of Blogshop, a photoshop-for-bloggers workshop she runs with photographer Angela Kohler. A year later, Bri and Angela announced they would be returning to the Pacific West Coast, only this time they would be in Vancouver. Of course I immediately applied to intern again and got the gig. Even though I felt a little bit like a Blogshop veteran, it was another great learning experience. I drove Bri and Angela around the city, ran errands, and helped students find their way around Photoshop.

The photo above is probably my favourite photo of all time. 

P.S. The bkr glass water bottles that came in our swag bags are my new obsession.