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Photo Adventure / Ciao Bella Photography

Kat GrabowskiComment

My coworker Wendy has a photography business called Ciao Bella Photography. We both take a lot of photos for the University, but don't get many opportunities to photograph together... so we decided to make our own opportunity. 

With grand plans for exploration and adventure, we set out only to be met by an absolute down pouring of rain that forced us to turn to Plan B: urban underground parkade. So this isn't an official addition to my Wilderness series as I had planned, but we still got a chance to experiment with angles and posses and modelling.

At the end of the day we shared all our files. Obviously, the photos of myself were taken by Wendy (with my own editing flare) and the photos of her were taken by me. I'm excited to see what she put together for her own blog!

Thanks Wendy for being enthusiastic, creative, and for taking the most flattering head shots ever!