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Craving the Wild

Kat GrabowskiComment

I'm suffering from a sudden and intense urge to venture into the wilderness with my camera. I'm not entirely sure of what has prompted this urge... perhaps the intensity of my day/desk job or the sudden awareness that summer has come to a close. Or maybe I've just become inspired by my favourite bloggers and their recent outdoor adventures. I've been bombarded with absolutely amazing images of God's creation!

Whatever the cause, I think it only appropriate that I am proactive, take action, and get out into the wilderness myself.

Here is my plan: 

First, buy a polarizing filter. Done. Picked one up this afternoon.

Second, plan an adventure. Done x5. I have carefully organized the excursions to the following locations (all within the month): Crescent Beach, Othello Tunnels, Squamish, Whistler, and Mt. Baker.

I will report back with my progress and results. Until then, here is some of my inspiration: