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Wilderness / Manning Park

Kat Grabowski4 Comments

I think it's clear that Explore BC is becoming a trend and I have no problem in fully taking part in it.

Another photographer who I noticed to be also really getting into the spirit of wilderness exploration and photography is Meghan Bustard. Collaborations are the most fun, so we decided to co-plan a snowshoeing adventure photo shoot. Lisa is always up for an adventure, so we invited her along as well. 

It snowed the night before and the temperature dropped pretty intensely. This meant that when we got to the park lodge we were met by clear, blue skies, base temperatures of -15, and a fresh layer of powdered snow. Pretty much perfect conditions, though freakishly cold.

I'm still in awe that Manning Park is only 2 hours away. It's huge, which means that the trails aren't over populated and the traffic is sparse. It feels much more isolated and unexplored than Whistler, though just as far from the lower mainland.


We were absolutely blown away by the beauty of the day and the world around us. The overused statement of the day was "Look at those mountains!" 


I'm insanely, and shamelessly, proud of all three of us for seeking out adventure, enduring extreme conditions, and enjoying every moment of it! 

Don't forget to check out Meghan's photos from the day on her blog!