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Wilderness / Golden Ears Bridge

Kat GrabowskiComment

Every time I drive across the Golden Ears Bridge I have to exercise a huge amount of self control to keep my eyes on the road. Sunday ended up being the day I finally had the chance to take in the full beauty of the area by crossing the bridge on foot. I highly recommend it... particularly at sunset. It has a really lovely view down the river and the architecture seems to fit into the landscape so seamlessly considering it is a huge hunk of steel and concrete.


It could be argued that a man-made bridge can't be classified as "wilderness," but I'm going to go ahead and ignore that argument. 


My photography buddy this time was the lovely Michelle Karst. Due to a memory card mishap, we ended up sharing my camera. It was a lot of fun swapping back and forth as photographer and model within such an interesting architectural landscape. 


It got pretty dark by the end of our adventure, but as Michelle optimistically pointed out, "grain is super trendy right now," so we just rolled with it.


Keep an eye out for Michelle's post from this day on her blog or Facebook page.