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Riverview & Belcarra

Kat GrabowskiComment
Riverview & Belcarra

I sort of consider Madalen to be my original photo adventure buddy. We both studied photography in school so we've collaborated on many a school assignment. She lives in Toronto now with her husband Casey, but they're home for the holidays so we were able to go out and shoot together again.


If you take a look at Madalen's blog, she is a film photographer with a particular interest in dreary landscapes and abandoned buildings. With that theme in mind, we discovered this beautiful building that was built in the early 1900s but has long since been abandoned.


Don't worry, we weren't trespassing. We spoke with a security guard and he had no problem with us taking photos as long as we stuck to the buildings that weren't in use and didn't venture inside.


We then kept driving to Belcarra Park in Port Moody to get these two Toronto kids a good dose of BC wilderness.


The main picnic area was quite developed and really not our style, so we backtracked and found a lovely little trail leading to a marsh off the main road.


I think we were pretty successful considering it was pouring rain when we set out from Langley. Goes to show you can't let the weather hold you back!