Lindeman Lake

Lindeman Lake is known for being a turquoise gem up in the mountains near Chilliwack Lake. I've seen countless photos of people visiting it in the summer. Turns out it's a whole other type of beautiful during the winter.


My travel companion was Tim Andries. He is a friend from TWU who now works in Alberta and has an amazing talent for capturing the prairie landscapes he encounters (posted to his Instagram account). For this excursion, Tim was trying out a medium format camera he recent acquired.


The climb up to the lake wasn't long, but very slippery. If I tried this hike again in the winter I would bring along a pole or add grip to my shoes. 


The lake itself had the most perfect reflections. The area had just received fresh snow so the trees were well defined and the mountains misty. There are platforms set up for tents, one of which is within feet of the shoreline. The thought of waking up in a location where you can see the sun rising over the lake without leaving your sleeping bag is drool worthy. 


Thanks to Tim for both being eager to explore and willing to snap a few photos of me.