Lightening Lakes

On Saturday I celebrated my birthday by making the trek out to Manning Park to visit its golden fall hues with Kirk and Chelsea.


We started out at the park lodge to get the low down on our hike options. I really wanted to hike Frosty Mountain to see the Golden Larch Trees, but 20 min in we realized the spitting rain was turning into a full blown downpour and venturing too far into the wilderness would end in misery. So instead, we strolled the Lightening Lake Loop. 


Oh, and I finally went through with dying my hair lilac as a birthday gift to myself. It makes me feel like a little punk :)


Lots of photos under the covering of this fantastic suspension bridge because it was the only break from he rain we could find. We were all wearing boots and rain jackets, but still managed to get drenched to the bone. 


Thanks to Kirk and Chelsea for being good sports despite the weather conditions! Fresh air, beautiful natural surroundings, and good company always make me so happy!