Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

On our second day in the Coachella Valley, we visited Joshua Tree National Park. We spent the day driving through the park and making stops along the way to explore the desert wilderness.


We visited a field of Teddybear Cacti, Mastodon Peak, Scull Rock, Hall of Horrors, and Hidden Valley. Each spot featured plants and landscapes I've never seen before. 


We took a few minutes at the top of Mastodon Peak to have a makeshift church service while surrounded by amazing views of the surrounding area.


The highlight of the park was the mounds of giant boulders. The texture was perfect for climbing so we spent hours exploring and clambering all over the place like it was a playground. We found tunnels, squeezed through cracks, and helped each other to the top of precarious peaks. It was so much fun!


Finally, we finished off our day with milkshakes at a Sonic Drive-In and a dip in the hotel pool.