Jones Lake

About three weeks ago, I took the plunge and traded in my faithful Ford Focus hatchback for a Honda CRV. The very next day, I filled it with friends and tried out its 4x4 abilities on the logging road to Jones Lake.


The exit for Jones lake is off Hwy 1 between Chilliwack and Hope. It was a new place to explore for all of us, which is pretty exciting.


The trek up to the lake is rewarded by a spectacular skyline of snowy mountain peaks and glaciers. There are some private properties and cabins up there, but mostly it felt like we had the place to ourselves. I'd love to come back with a canoe or kayak to explore further. 


Of course I took some self-timer shots of our small gang :)


There are some super good spots for bonfires along the shoreline. We tried to light our own, but all the wood in the area was soaking wet. Next time I'll come more prepared.


We stayed hung around long enough to watch an incredible cotton candy sunset. It was glorious!


I have so much love for friends who are game for last minute excursions and minimal plans. Thanks Kirk, Zach, and Colleen!