Campfire in the Chilliwack River Valley

Christmas is the only time of year which I'll take off from work with absolutely nothing planned. As usual, I've spent the holidays at my parents house in Abbotsford. It may not be an exotic location or far from home, but it has managed to be the most refreshing break. I've spent a lot of time with family, but also outside with friends in the area. We've had bonfires, snow fights, coffee dates, and a hockey game.

These photos are from an evening spent in the Chilliwack River Valley with friends and a campfire.


There is a beautiful spot right where Vedder Road and Chilliwack River Road meet with lots of space for exploring the river bed. We stopped there right as the sun began to set. The photos of me were taken by the talented Mr. RJ Bruni.


It's so easy to find private little spots in the wilderness during the winter. Sure it can be a bit chilly, but once the fire was going and a guitar was brought out, it was absolutely perfect.


We're headed back out into the wilderness tonight to celebrate the start of a new year amongst the trees. I'm so excited to see what adventures 2016 has in store! I think it's going to be a good one. Cheers!