Manning Park Snow

Yesterday Colleen, Erin, and I celebrated the return of snowshoeing season by driving out to Manning Park to spend some quality time in the snow.


The trail we followed was a cross country ski route that Meghan, Lisa, and I found last year around this time. Fortunately, this time around it was only 2 degrees, not -20.


Colleen wore a dress because she is partaking in Dressember to raise awareness for the exploitation of woman around the world. It's a really great cause, and I'm proud of her for sticking to it even while climbing mountains in the snow.


Brownie points to Erin for bringing hot chocolate! 


I dyed my hair lilac again because it washed out too quickly last time. Now I'm doing all I can to avoid washing out the colour... hopefully it doesn't show.


With the reality of short, dark, winter days, combined with days spent at a desk, it's important to escape to the mountains and experience sunshine. So thankful for Erin and Colleen for being enthusiastic about seeking sunlight! It was such a mood booster.