Olympic Peninsula Pt. 2

It's hard to believe that the second half of our weekend on the Olympic Peninsula was even more spectacular than the first half. We packed up the truck and drove around the perimeter of the Olympic National Park, stopping whenever we spotted something worth investigating.

This first spot was Lake Crescent. It's a pretty large lake, yet it was completely still and so crystal clear that when we threw rocks in the water we could watch them fall all the way to the bottom of the lake.


Next followed the Sol Duc River in search of the Sol Duc Falls.


The morning light shining through the rain forest and catching on the mist from the falls was unbelievable.


Continuing on our drive, we made our way to the Hoh Rain Forest just to be sure we fully experienced the local flora and founa. My observation was that the trees in this area grow at least twice as tall and twice as wide as any you would find closer to Vancouver.


We planned on making it to La Push beach on the Quilete Reservation (aka Jacob Black's home town) in time to watch the sunset, but ended up cutting our timing a bit close. We had heard that Second Beach was thee beach to experience, so we parked there and followed a trail through the woods towards the beach as golden hour illuminated the forest. We were so full of anticipation that we started running through the woods as fast as we could towards the light.


When we finally reached the beach there were no words. We just ran around like maniacs in complete disbelief of our surroundings.


Another night in our cabin (involving star gazing and tree houses) and we were headed back home. Our final stop was at Deception Pass. It's a cool place, but it had nothing on the previous days adventures. 


I strongly suggest everyone pay this corner of the world a visit. It far outdid any expectation I may of had. Thanks for joining me on this Jenna, Alicia, and Madalen!!