Whistler Train Wreck

The original plan was to hike to Garibaldi Lake on Sunday, but with the weather being sort of iffy for a 18km hike into the mountains, Whitney and I decided to visit some of the spots around Whistler that we always talked about but never made the time to visit.


We were most excited to check out the Whistler Train Wreck. I'm glad we found instructions online on how to find it because it was a very strange trail. It started behind some warehouses, snaked under the highway, along the railway tracks, and into the woods. It was an easy 30 min walk.


The wreck was super cool. I guess at some point in time a train derailed and it was deemed too expensive to remove out of the forest. They've since been turned into a mountain bikers/street artists/dog walkers paradise. 


We ironically got a bit lost trying to find Lost Lake. It's probably a pretty cool spot when it's cold enough to skate on or warm enough to swim in. For us, it was only suitable for a chilly picnic.


Last stop was a bridge that runs over a marsh that can be seen from the Sea to Sky highway. I swear overtime we pass it we vow to visit it one day. Yesterday was that day. Turns out it leads to a really beautiful trail through the forest. Now we know.


So grateful to Whitney for her adventurous sprit and patience with my photography obsession.