Steelhead Falls

I was stuck indoors with a head cold most of the weekend during which time I shamelessly watch loads of Grey's Anatomy, but also started to get pretty stir crazy. Luckily I had plans to explore the area around Hayward Lake with Zach, a friend and fellow outdoor photography enthusiast from my Stillwood days.


There are tons of places to explore around the lake. We poked around a few different spots including an old logging road and Steelhead Falls. Due to some technical issues, we ended up sharing a camera all day, so these shots are all dual effort.


Our last stop of the day was a visit to the Queen of Sydney, an old BC Ferry boat that sits abandoned along the edge of the Fraser. Out of respect for the landowner, we didn't attempt to go inside, but it was still creepy cool to see (particularly at dusk).


I'm really looking forward to teaming up with Zach again for future adventures. In the mean time, check out his killer Instagram account.

(And of course I had to get a self timer shot of the two of us looking like little punks.)