Oyster Dome

I spent the weekend with Chelsea and her family in Lyndon, WA. We had plans to hike one of the trails around Mt. Baker, but were weren't feeling very confident about the weather and condition of the mountain trails this time of year. So we ditched that plan and decided to hike the Oyster Dome Trail with her sister Meagan instead. 


The Oyster Dome Trail begins at the edge of the water south of Fairhaven by what appeared to be an oyster farm (hence the name of the trail?) It is a 6 mile trail that zig zags up a mountain, but there is access halfway from the Chuckanut Lookout that can be reached via a logging road. With rain in the forecast, we decided that this shorter version was the better option for us.


From the top we could see across Samish Bay to the San Juan Islands -- it must be spectacular on a clear day!


I'm glad Chelsea had the idea of taking me here! We'll make another attempt to hike around Baker later in the spring.