This past October, I began what I've come to call The Wilderness Project.


This project was born out of a desire to find new subject matter for my photography combined with the frustration of having spent all summer in a cubical. I was inspired by creatives like Kevin Russ and Molly Steele who take their cameras on outdoor adventures and wanderings with no other purpose than to see what's out there.

My goals were simple: go somewhere new once a week, take photos, take people, and blog my experiences. 

I grew up in BC, yet spent more time in a skating rink or on a school campus than in the mountains and trees. It seemed about time I properly familiarized myself with my surroundings. So I started venturing to the places I've heard about a million times and researched places I had no idea existed. Not only did I go new places and try new things, but I was able to spend an enormous amount of time with the people who accompanied me. I made new friends, pushed myself physically, and made some incredible memories. Many of the experiences were empowering (snowshoeing in -20 degrees), invigorating (standing at the top of the coastal mountain range) and took my breath away (La Push beach at sunset). 

Here is a recap video of my first six months of The Wilderness Project:

I plan on continuing this project, though with a few variations. For one, I don't expect myself to venture out every single weekend like I did in the winter. Also, I would like to return to many of the places I visited previously and experience them in the summer season.

Thanks for following along!

P.S. I would like to give a special shout out to every person who accompanied me on my adventures and was patient with my camera, as well as Nelson Bergen for teaching me the basics of video editing.