Gold Creek Falls

Today's post features my very favourite British friend Katie and her absolutely wonderful husband Aaron. After the laziest Sunday morning of catching up over coffee and scrambled eggs, I convinced them to brave the BC rain for old times sake and go on a walk in Golden Ears Park to see Gold Creek Falls.


This was by no means a planned couples shoot, but it was the day before Katie and Aaron's two year anniversary so they were pretty cuddly. Plus I was their wedding photographer so it's was the anniversary of a special memory for me too.


I've been intentional lately about doing at least one small sketch whenever I'm out in the wilderness. I'm a bit embarrassed by how out of practice my drawing skills are... but props to Braden for being a good art buddy and getting me the most perfect coiled sketch book for Christmas!


Alouette was looking particularly lovely. If only it were lovely enough to convince Katie and Aaron to move back to BC...