Rattlesnake Ledge Revisited

Labour Day Weekend means there's time for another little road trip to Rattlesnake Ledge. This time I took Whitney to witness the outrageous views of the Cascade Mountains.

Last time I was here it was February and I had to wade through water to reach the stumps in Rattlesnake Lake. But after our dry summer, the lake water had dropped dramatically and the whole shoreline was littered with the giant stumps. 


At the top of the ridge we found ourselves amongst the clouds. They hid the views a bit, but were beautiful in their own right.


There are two viewpoints at the top of the ridge. One of them was overrun by fellow hikers, but the other (which is a bit further up the trial) was completely deserted. So we took the time to eat a snack and do a bit of sketching.


Thanks to Whitney for being up for a long day of driving and exploring!