Wreck Beach on 120mm Film

I'm so so excited to share this 120mm film roll! I borrowed a medium format film camera (Bronica ETRS 645) from my co-worker's husband Jon Wong. It's a big camera, so rather than lug it up a mountain, I took it along to Wreck Beach to catch the sunset with Kirk and Natalie.


I tested my exposures on my iPhone using a light meter app, but it was still a bit of a guessing game. This is the first roll of 120mm that I've filled in years so I'm over the moon that so many of the shots turned out. I can't believe the gradient of the sunset comes across perfectly with zero editing!


This last shot was taken in a camp ground down Chilliwack Lake Road. It doesn't fit with the rest of the set, but it's also too lovely to leave out. It's amazing to be reminded of why I love film so much!