Winter on the Oregon Coast

Winter on the Oregon Coast

I firmly believe in taking full advantage of each and every weekend. When a long weekend comes along, my ambitions soar. Thank goodness for friends who are even crazier than me and were more than eager to road trip down to the Oregon Coast for Family Day.


We camped under the stars, spending the first night at Deception Pass and the second on Cannon Beach. 


Sunday morning we held a mini church service under the name New Wave. I think it has a lot of potential as a future church plant. 


This was a day that could be recorded as one of the best days ever. We decided to do a polar bear swim, but it turned out to be a strangely warm day for early February. With sunny skies overhead, we spent the entire afternoon running around on the beach and splashing in the ocean waves. Kudos to RJ for risking salt water on his camera to grab the action shots below (mine were clearly taken from a safe distance).


There were three of us photographers on the trip, so it was extremely well documented. These are a few of Zach's photos from that golden evening:


The perfect beach day was followed by the perfect beach sunset. We built a little fire in the sand, then spent more time running around the low tide exploring caves and marvelling at endless beauty that surrounded us. I did a whole lot of running that day, but who could blame me under such conditions?


RJ captured some amazing shots of the last light of the day:


On our final road trip day, we woke up on the Cape Kiwanda beach at Pacific City. 


Of course we took advantage of the drivable beach. 


There are bluffs at Cape Kiwanda that we spent the morning exploring. We had the place to ourselves, which seemed incredible for such a spectacular place on a beautiful day. Benefits of camping in the "winter" perhaps?


The waves in this area are huge! We sat at the edge of a cliff watching them in awe. At points the waves rolling in were so large that we got splashed when they broke against the rock.


And then we had to say goodbye to the beach and make the long trek back home. It was hours of driving time with nothing better to do than sing/rap loudly with the windows rolled down while dreaming of our next long weekend destination...


Shout out to the best roady crew a girl could ask for: RJ, Zach, Lisa, Tyler, and Lucas.


P.S. There was a roll of film to go along with this trip that was lost in a tragic winding accident. I'm devastated but determined to carry on with my film ambitions.