Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain

The problem with wedding photographer friends is that they always work weekends. Our schedules are just too crazy!  Rachel, Meghan, and I have attempted to make plans to shoot together multiple times and something always gets in the way. So it was very exciting when the stars aligned this past Monday and I found myself at the top of Grouse Mountain with these two and some stunning lighting.


It's probably been a decade since the last time I've been to Grouse in the winter. Typically I've only reached the top after tackling the Grind. It's a pricey lift ticket, but it felt totally worth it with such an amazing view and dreamy atmosphere.


As we waited for the sun to sink low, we wandered our way up one of the snowshoe trails. Three photographers in a beautiful place made us the slowest hikers ever, so we didn't get too far. 


Our main motivation for visiting Grouse was to grab some shots of the light tunnel that is set up there. It's short, but oh so romantic! We found that there was a window of about 10 min in which the lighting was perfect for photography. 


This was such a great evening of collaboration and conversation. So good in fact that I made plans to go out again with Rachel the next day. More on that adventure later...


Both Rachel and Meghan took a ton of brilliant photos so keep an eye on their blogs too!

Photo by Rachel Barkman Photography

Photo by Rachel Barkman Photography