Canoeing Chilliwack Lake

Canoeing Chilliwack Lake

Lately I've been having bad luck with film. First a roll got ruined during the development process, then I managed to mess up the winding of my next roll.

Yesterday I grabbed a Pentax SLR from my shelf that I haven't used in ages. Turns out it was already loaded and half completed. Probably a risky move to not take the DSLR as backup considering my track record with film, but I was in a hurry and feeling lucky.


Lucas, Coco, Rj, and I got a late start to the day, but decided that canoeing Chilliwack Lake was still a good idea with whatever light was left. My roll ran out pretty quick, but RJ got some amazing shots just as the light was fading of our two little canoes out on the moody lake. Always good to have a second photographer handy when out having a great time with friends :)


When I got my developed film back I had zero idea what could possibly be on the other half of the roll. Turns out it was a serious of shots I took five years ago. Madalen had convinced me to go to Surrey Central at sunrise to help her with a photography assignment. It was uncomfortable to be in the Walley area at 5am, but that was exactly the mood she was wanting to capture.


What a blast from the past! We used to cruise all over the place in her forest green jeep with the KFC licence plate blasting music from The O.C.