Elk Mountain Avec Coco

Elk Mountain Avec Coco

Hello! This is Coco--the sporadic red backpack and sometimes yellow toque that pops up in these rad photos. The Aerialist herself has welcomed me onto the writing portion of the blog and I am so excited! I'll be dropping in every once in a while to narrate the adventures we do together and share the story behind the photos--here it goes!

A few weeks ago Kat and I ventured out to Elk Mountain. To be honest, before we set out it seemed daunting. I was on little sleep and motivated only by Kat’s contagious energy.


There is something infectious about simply stepping outside though. Especially that day—the trail was magical. As we climbed, the snowfall subtly got heavier and heavier. The late afternoon left the sun streaming through and the woods a pretty picture of evergreen and white.


At the top, we spent time clambering around to try and find just the right angle for Kat’s film shots. I found an open space to sit just beyond the usual lookout and right above the beaten path where I could watch the sky shuffle the fog. Kat climbed higher into the trees and we both just stopped. The trail went silent and it felt like we were the only two out there. It was perfect.


On our drive back down we stopped along the road to gawk at the snow-covered mountaintops. No matter how many times we have watched the sun set over those rocky peaks and whimsy clouds, it always has a way of making us catch our breath.


Thanks to Kat for letting me blog and as always, adventure with her. See you again soon!  -- Coco