Garibaldi Lake

There have been some big changes in my life as of late and more big changes on the horizon. I left my 9-5 job and started dedicating all my time to freelance design and photography. This is a truly unique experience for me. From high school I went straight to university then to a full-time job without a break or proper space to take a breath and examine my career goals. I'm excited to finally have this opportunity to put all my energy into projects I care about and have more flexibility with my time.


Rachel, Whitney, and I lucked out with a beautiful sunny day for tackling the hike to Garibaldi Lake. There was too much snow to drive to the trailhead, so we parked by the highway and trekked in by foot. This extra distance, plus the difficulties of navigating through snow, added about 6 km to the 18 km hike, making it was a very long day. 


We were treated to some glorious sun beams shinning through the trees on the trail up. 


I have a bad habit of only visiting beautiful alpine lakes in the dead of winter when they're frozen over. I can now add Garibaldi to the list. It was still 100% worth the visit to see the panoramic mountain views, but my goodness I'd love to see it in the summer!


Something new I tried on this hike (recommended by Rachel) was to bring multiple lenses along. I love shooting exclusively with my 35mm when I'm out and about, but this time I took my poor neglected 85mm along as well. It was an added weight and a bit of a hassle to swap out, but I found that it compressed the image in a nice way that made for some interesting shots and showed off the grandness of our mountainous surroundings. 


This could very well be the last of my snowy posts for the season! I love winter hiking, but I'm getting anxious for more trails to become accessible. I bought my very own sleeping bag and mat over the weekend so that I'll be ready for much more ambitious/overnight hikes this year. I'm so excited!


Thanks for taking a Tuesday to hike with me Rachel and Whitney!!