Cypress Mountain

What's this, Coco with a camera in hand? I can't tell you how excited I was when she unexpectedly pulled her old Canon A-1 out of her pack. Here's her experience:

A few weekends ago, Kat, Lucas, and I drove west to climb Eagle Bluffs. While Kat had just done this hike the weekend before, she was game to go up again and challenge herself on finding new shots with the same backdrop. Plus she had a trainee tagging along (yes, the newb behind the camera is me) to keep things interesting. 


The weather was unbelievable. At the top, we kicked up our boots and soaked in the sun for as long as we could. 


Bringing along my own film camera was a whole new ball game. I was far more aware of the little things, like way the light played in the trees or the way the ships sat in the harbour. I am so glad I finally got the courage to bring one along and (thankfully) have friends who are generous with their wisdom and patience. 


Shout-out to the two kids who can make me double over in laughter and teach a writer how to take a photo. Thanks for making the day so stellar!

Photos by Kat | Words by Coco