Pitt Lake

Thursday morning I spent scouting out the shores of Pitt Lake with Kaoverii. It was incredibly serene to have the calm lake and mountains on one side and a marsh on the other and nothing but blue skies and float planes overhead. 


How lucky are we to be 20 min from home, but surrounded by 365 degrees of BC beauty. I shot half a roll of Fuji film on my Canon AE-1.


Theres a small boat rental shop at the lake that lends out 2-man and 4-man canoes for getting to Widgeon Falls. I've never explored Pitt Lake, so I'm putting it on my summer bucket list to do an overnight camping excursion. Other items on my list are the Sloquet Hot Springs, Ucluelet, Hidden Lake Lookout, Winchester Mountain Lookout, and La Push. Those are just the weekend trips though. I've got my fingers crossed that I can get through some of the more ambitious items on my dream list as well, such as Zion, Bugaboo Provincial Park, and Haida Gwaii. It's going to be a good summer!


Cheers to Kaoverii for the great biz talk and bold sense of adventure!