Silver Lake

One of my favourite things in the world is being introduced to a fabulous new local locations. This is exactly what happened last weekend when a group of us headed into the mountains around Hope for a lazy lake-side afternoon. 


There are some great little lakes in that area connected by well maintained logging roads. We ended up at Silver Lake and spent the afternoon playing frisbee, swimming in the freezing cold water, and wandering the trails that ran along the shoreline. As the weather gets warmer, spots like Cultus and Alouette Lake are going to become insanely busy, so it's important to have a list of alternative spots in your back pocket.


We had a few hammocks with us, so we scouted a spot to string them up between the birch trees and relax in the sunshine with cups of coffee in hand. It was the most ideal afternoon!


In our usual fashion, we ended the day with a ride on our skateboards and a good fire by the river. Another great weekend!

Crew: Zach, Shelby, RJ, Caleb, & Trevor