Freedom Days

It's important to me to be constantly evolving. This means learning new skills, pursuing new ventures, trying new techniques, etc, etc. If you follow my posts week-to-week, it's clear that I have had a focus on film photography recently. As part of my exploration in film, I have challenged myself to complete one roll of film a week. Sometimes that entire roll is taken on a single day adventure, but this past week was so diverse and scattered that I thought it best to combine them and give a wholistic view of what I've been up to since leaving my office life. I nicknamed this time in my life Freedom Days.


Wednesday: This was one of those days that couldn't have been planned if we tried. Kirk had the day off work, so I went out to Vancouver to spend the day with him. We started off with Coffee at 33 Acres then began scouring the city for a penny board for me to buy. I ended up getting a bubblegum pink board downtown. From there we skated around the entire sea wall and managed to end up at the 4/20 festivities at Sunset Beach at 4:20pm. Complete coincidence I promise! We grabbed dinner from Tocofino, watched the sunset from Queen Elizabeth Park, treated ourselves to ice cream from Earnest Ice Cream, then watched that nights super dramatic episode of Survivor. Such a solid friendship day!


Thursday: Whitney recently moved from downtown to just a few blocks from my place. We took advantage of this geographic connivence to walk across the Golden Ears Bridge at sunset. Halfway across we ran into Rachel and one of her photography friends. Great minds think alike!


Friday Afternoon: In celebration of Tyler's last final of the semester (and the start of his #freedomdays) a couple of us met up to skateboard across the boarder to Sumas for Mexican food lunch at El Nopal and ice cream from Edaline Dairy. We spent a good amount of time boarding around the streets and enjoying being unplugged/out-of-cell-service.


Friday Night: We have a special little spot in the woods where we like to go to watch movies at night and have camp outs when it rains. It's not far away so we're able to plan our outings on the fly. On this evening, eight of us trekked out there to watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off and spend the night surrounded by the woods and fresh air.


Busy week, and it isn't slowing down!