Eagle Bluffs

Another weekend, another entire roll of film. I'm loving this pattern and I'm planning on keeping it up! Clearly my AE-1 has some serious cracks because this roll is just as leaky as the last. I think it's fun, but possibly a bit gimmicky. I'd love to hear feedback on the look and feel!


The crew on this particularly beautiful Saturday was made up of a strange array of acquaintances and new faces, but it doesn't take long for people to bond when the outdoors is a shared interest. Our goal was to tackle St. Mark's Summit on Cypress Mountain, however with the snow line covering a lot of the signage we somehow ended up at Eagle Bluff's instead. Whoops! Still a stunning viewpoint though, so no harm done.


A new toy I experimented with on this trip is the light bending filters I have for my AE-1. It breaks up the light and creates these strange ghost images. I'm really digging the texture that is produced.


I love when the consensus amongst the group is "we have nowhere to be, so why not catch the sunset!" On this day we made our way to Whytecliff Park and clambered our way to the very end of the rock mound to watch the sky turn florescent pink.


Not sure what this strange aluminum thing is, but my goodness was it photogenic, plus genuinely comfy to sit on.


Always love a solid Saturday of spontaneity and high energy!

Crew: Nathan, Ben, Trevor, Julie, Kat