Summer at Lindeman Lake

It feels so so good to be back on the trials again with Coco! 

We tried very hard to find a new spot to explore by making a stop at Mt. Waddingtons to ask for suggestions. There is still a lot of snow that needs to melt on the peaks, so our options are still limited. We ended up pursuing the trail to Mt. Ford, but half way up the logging road my CRV bottomed out and we had to turn back. Feeling a tiny bit defeated, we retreated to the good old, dependable Lindeman Lake.


It was a nice short hike for a super hot day, but I was reminded again and again why I prefer winter hikes. The parking lot was crowded, the trail was crowded, and there was a small tent city on the shoreline.


I tried out Kodak film for the first time in years. Normally I use Fuji and I found the difference to be significant (from my perspective at least), particularly in the colouring which came out a bit distorted and faded. 


Summer is proving to be busy for everyone, so our outdoor activities may slow down. It's the sad reality of the wedding season. We're super pumped to conquer Mt. Cheam when the snow is gone completely though, so we will be sure to prioritize that at the very least :)