Annual Weekend on Keats Island

This month has been full of mini getaway trips, the first of which was this annual cottage weekend on Keats Island (which somehow always ends up doubling as a birthday celebration for Kirk.)


The cottage belongs to Braden's parents who were kind enough to let us use it for a couple of nights. It's right on the ocean with a lovely little dock and view of the town of Gibsons.

If you've never been to Keats Island, it's a small island just off of the Sunshine Coast. There are no roads, but a couple of camps, a retreat centre, and plenty of private cabins. We took a sea taxi and series of trails to get there.


Our little crew ended up being Braden, Kirk, Will, and myself. I was a bit worried at first about being stranded on an island with three boys, but we actually had the most wonderful time. We took it easy, eating when we felt like it, drinking lots of rye and ginger's, napping occasionally, and playing plenty of rounds of Settler's.


Thanks boys for keeping it real. I'm a lucky girl :)