Retreat Cove

Mini June trip no. 3 was to my families seaside cabin on Galiano Island with Lisa and Sierra.


Or original plan was to go camping, but the weather forecast claimed we'd be getting nothing but rain for the next few days so a last minute decision was made to go for the cabin option instead.


My family has been part owners of this tiny seaside cabin for 25 years, so it has been intertwined with all my summer memories growing up. Two gates, a sheep farm, and one long Jurassic Park-esq driveway leads to the little cabin surrounded by arbutus trees and perched on a sandstone cliff above a private beach.


It's an unreal privilege to have a place like this to go to on a moments notice. We strung up hammocks and spent the chilly morning bundled in our sleeping bags with good books and an ocean view.


The cabin isn't facing in the right direction to get the full splendour of sunset, but we were still treated to lovely pastel colours reflecting off the ocean and distant islands.


Cheers to Sierra and Lisa for being rad company with chill attitudes, good music taste, and all around contributing to an ideal little trip!