Summer at Joffre Lakes

The second mini getaway of June was a mid-week trip up to Whistler. On the way up I insisted on making stops in Squamish and Brandywine Falls to see as much of the Sea-to-Sky's beauty as possible without snow (finally!).


We took a day to drive out past Pemberton and hike to Joffre Lakes, marking the very first time I've managed to get to an alpine lakes when it wasn't frozen over since I was a kid. Check out those bright green tones!


There are some hikes that seem more difficult and cumbersome the more familiar with the trail you become, but I haven't found that to be the case with Joffre Lakes. It's got so much variety and interest to the trail, with three lakes, a glacier, and impressive waterfall, that it never grows dull. I highly recommend it!