Lac Des Roches

We are down to June's mini trip No. 4! This one was a weekend trip into the Cariboo with my childhood friends. Our lives have taken us in many different directions, so we've started planning annual getaway trips (sans boyfriends and husbands) to reconnect at least once a year. Last year, we had an unforgettable weekend on the Olympic Peninsula. To keep up the pattern, we chose another location we were all fairly unfamiliar with: the lake region around Wells Grey Provincial Park near 100 Mile House.


The cabin we rented was on a lake called Lac Des Roches. There was a 3-night minimum stay, but most of the girls couldn't take off that much time for work, so Madalen and I took advantage and went up a day early. I had to take a Greyhound from Abbotsford to Merrit where Madalen was able to pick me up. It was my first Greyhound experience and hopefully my last, because it was awful. Nothing but stale air and motion sickness for 3 hours is my personal hell! By some stroke of luck I managed to fall asleep and was extra thankful for Madalen's Nissan.

Our evening involved prepping the cabin, art theory debates, and an Andy Warhol documentary. Basically, we got all our art nerd stuff out of the way.


As soon as the other three girls showed up, we headed out to Wells Grey to seek out waterfalls and lakes down long gravel roads. The lookout point of this one waterfall was pretty, but finding our way past the fence and over a stream to the very top was much better. 


The next day was dock day. We lay out blankets and snacks and lazed around for hours, occasionally trying out our cheap inner tubes and the weird little row boat we found on the property.


I am so in love with the lily pads and hundreds of tiny fish that hung around the shoreline!


Thanks for a great weekend girls! 

Crew: Alicia, Madalen, Alexa, Jenna, Kat