Mt. Slesse

I moved back to my hometown of Abbotsford this summer. My roommate Lisa and I have a great little suit near the old downtown area. It's refreshing to be in a new area with great local businesses (hello Field House Brewery, Oldhand Coffee, and Duft & Co. Bakehouse!) and easy access to the mountains of course. 

The morning after our house warming party, we got up earlier than we'd like to fill the car full of friends and make our way to Mt. Slesse. 


The access road is off of Chilliwack River Road. We were in a pretty average car which really wasn't suited for the logging road conditions, but we still managed to get to the trailhead somehow. I'd recommend a 4x4 as a better option.

Mt. Slesse is known for being the resting place for a plane crash a few decades ago. We were short on time, so we went only as far as the memorial plaque, but if you go further you can find bits and pieces of the plane along the trail. 


It was a damp and muddy hike with low hanging clouds that hid what is said to be an amazing view. Still, we were all happy to be in good company and surrounded by the beauty of true BC temperate rainforest.

Crew: Lisa, Coco, Lucas, Tyler, Kat