Alouette Mountain

This was not an easy hike. Four hours each way with all sorts of terrain, forks in the trail, and multiple false peaks -- but a 365 degree view like this one is worth it all. 


Alouette Mountain is located in Golden Ears Park right next to the actual Golden Ears mountains. It's one of those peaks your can spot from miles away when driving down Hwy 1, making it probably one of the most gratifying hikes I've ever defeated. 

Whitney asked me to tackle the hike with her on a very hot and sunny Tuesday morning. It took a lot out of us, but the views from the top absolutely blew our minds. Being eye level with the other mountains made the landscape seem a lot more like Peru than BC. Plus, there we didn't encounter any other hikers the entire day, so we really felt like were the queens of the mountain!


I now have a great desire to attempt the hike again with over night gear and wake up to the sun rising over Alouette Lake. Can you imagine how spectacular that would be? 


We ended our day with the most refreshing swim in Alouette lake and a well deserved dinner from Wendell's Cafe. It was amazing and I would highly recommend it as a intermediate level hike.