West Coast Road Trip

Two of my best buddies from University invited me to join them on a road trip to California, and because it was Feburary, I immediately took the invititaion.


We did the drive along the coast, aka the 101, in four days. Day one took us to northern Oregon where we stopped in at Austria and Seaside, ran around Canon Beach at sunset, then spent the night at a motel in Pacific City. 


On day two, I insisted we spend the morning exploring Cape Kiwanda. The cliffs and giant waves make it stand out amongst the countless beautiful Oregon beaches. 

Back on the road, we made a pit stop at Thor's Well. If you can get there at low tide, this spot is as cool as its name. It's a sunken spot along a jagged shoreline that creates a circular waterfall into the earth. We climbed our way to the very edge and were able to look down into the hole. It was terrifying!

That night we crossed the border into California while singing Phantom Planet's California at the top of our lungs.


On day three we drove through amongst the mighty Redwood trees, detoured to get In-and-Out burgers, skirted San Fransisco, and had dinner and beers with our collage buddy Toph in San Jose. Apparently I didn't take photos that day.


We spent the night at a terrible motel in Santa Monica, then began the final leg to Los Angeles. 

There is a section of highway leading to Big Sur that is possibly the most amazing drive I've ever encountered (sorry Sea to Sky!) Along this route, which felt more like skirting the Mediterranean Sea than the Pacific, we were able to make my teen dreams come true and pass over the Bixby Canyon Bridge (thanks DCFC!) It was magical.


That evening we made it to the Ace hotel in downtown LA in time to meet up with friends for drinks on the rooftop patio. Then I got insanely sick and flew home the next day. 


An anti climatic end to a long drive. It was a beautiful trip nonetheless. 

Thanks for taking me along Kirk & Braden! <3