Winter at Green Lake

This winter, Lisa invited me to join her friends at a cabin on Green Lake at 70 Mile House to celebrate the end of the year. It was possibly the most Canadian experience I've ever had. 


The cabin was right on the edge of the frozen lake where a good sized area had been cleared to create an outdoor ice rink. It was a picturesque scene, especially once the sun went down and we turned on outdoor lights so that we could skate under the stars. We spent hours playing tag, dancing around, and running a few full fledged hockey games.


When we didn't have our skates on, we were either gathered around the wood burning fire place, playing cards and reading, or out on the snowmobiles zipping between trees and across the frozen lake.


We ended up meeting a Swedish man named Roger who was a professional diver. He had all sorts of photos and stories about the dives he's done around the world that made my jaw drop. I'm fascinated and inspired by the extremes humans are capable of -- whether it's jumping off heights or diving into the deep -- it's amazing!


Thanks to Lisa and Trevor for making this trip happen!